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Welcome to my August Blog.

I have been enlightened lately with the word Artisan, which can be applied to anything handcrafted. To me the word encompasses a more artistry influence on any product and have given a lot of thought as to how that applies to my products.

I am proud of the uniqueness that my products have in the making and appearance. The pieces are all individual with inspiration taken from the colors I buy and other influences such as trending looks, eco-environmental qualities and a return to my memories of simpler times. I try to keep my products to a certain size for marketing but make my own patterns and seek mating accessories as thriftily as possible.

This month I am finding motivation in the bulbs that are showing us the way to Spring. Hyacinths, Daffodils, and Tulips that bring joyful colors back into our cooler days.

I believe that being environmentally conscious does not mean stripping every luxury from our lives and taking an entirely non-consumable stance. Instead, I look for ways to reduce my footprint and bring joy to others whilst looking for affordable contrasts to enhancing our everyday routines and special moments.

I often incorporate the #maketimetotaketime in my insta posts and remember with very fond memories walks in my grandmothers rambling garden to examine and appreciate the plants and flowers she nurtured, walks on the beach with my girls as we scoured the beach for shells and stones of interest and the luxury of curling up on the couch with a good read.

My offer to my blog readers this month is to get 2 free Eye Makeup Wipes when you order any combination of Beauty Bands and Face Wash Cloths.

Have an awesome August.