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Featuring Our Kitchen Range

Featuring Our Kitchen Range

Welcome to our April highlights from the kitchen range. This month I have specials on the kitchen cloth range.

But 2 for just $12.00. This range has multi colors and plains in various colorways to enhance you kitchen décor. Select from the blues, greens, naturals, spice or brights as pictured.

My range of vintage and collectable teatowels are popular in gift boxes and upcycled as wall hangings. Check out these out whilst in store for a slice of yesteryear.

Aprons are a 'must' to preserve the quality of your clothing in the Kitchen. These will not only bring an air of nostalgia but will also enhance the sustainability of your precious wardrobe items.

Delightful napkins and placemats to enhance your dining or picnic experience are also available amidst our large range of table cloths.

Message or email for any special requests or gift suggestions.