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Rustic, Retro, Romantic

Rustic, Retro, Romantic


I remember my Nana's bathroom when I was a little girl. A cake of Palmolive soap, a pot of Ponds night cream, Lavender water in a spray decanter and without a tissue in sight. Flannels and muslin wipes were always present with a handkerchief always at the ready. 

In light of our present circumstances I suggest that we start looking closely at how we are using our planet's resources and my intention to reduce pressures on our throw-away society, I have repurposed some of pre-lock down resources I have gathered.

With makeup removal, cleansing and hygiene in mind, I have upcycled cotton fabrics into cleansing wipes and cloths that are washable and reusable. The size of the wipes required a wash bag to ensure they are easily sorted in the wash.  The wash bags are made from net curtains and are free with each order of a pack of 4 or the sets as they appear on the website. 

The Retro materials are funky, bright and fun for the bathroom. Or add roses and lavenders for romance. 

Re-purposing cotton fabrics to become paperless in the bathroom is one of the latest product ranges on my sustainability radar.

Rustic in its appearance add to the affordability of repurposed items at a reasonable price.