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Winter Warmers

Winter Warmers

This month's inspirations for my washbowl range, lie in the color choices and my polls on your trending color palette in beauty. It appears that the spices are the trending colors at the moment and comforting colours remind me of special moments of simpler times as a child.

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Winter embraces the aromatics of warmth and spice to brighten our coolest of days and nights. 

My fondest memories of wintry days and nights are breakfast toast spread with homemade marmalade from the fallen citrus, after a bowl of hot oatmeal, brown sugar, and fresh cow's milk.

Lunch of homemade spaghetti made from the preserves of summer tomatoes and herbs.

Steaming mugs of hot chocolate laced with cinnamon, cheese, or spaghetti toasties cooked in the jaffle over the coals of the open fire or hot toast prepared on dad’s lengthened number 8 wire fashioned fork, with lashings of butter and honey.

Pesky power cuts were inevitable and candlelight brightened our lounge room as we played cards and Monopoly as a family. I remember being in awe of my dad’s expertise as he won hand after hand, game after game, with a sly smirk at his accomplished manipulation of the tasks at hand.

Mum knitting our cardi’s and painstakingly being patient, whilst retrieving my dropped stitches as I learned the art. Cats stretched out in front of the hearth, seemingly unaware of the dangers from sparks spitting from the pine-scented logs that dad stoked the fire with.

I am bringing my winter palette of colours to you as we hunker down into some of the coldest days I can recall. I hope they serve to warm your heart and soul and bring joy.

Make time to take time. 

Regards Jane